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Viper is the world's best selling security and remote start brand. We are using cuttin-edge technology to make sure your in control, providing range and features you can count on every time


Osmi Car is proud to be an Authorized Viper Dealer


     This is the first year that we have stripped our remote start packages down to the bare minimum using Directed Electronics products. Just keep in mind that not all cars are the same and our new cars now are not so basic. New cars require extensive intergration for a remote start to properly communicate to the sophisticated electronics they are equipped with. The $199.00 remote start is basic installation only and additional charges will apply if vehicles are equipped with factory alarm systems, immobilizer (chipped keys), data controlled ignition systems, smart key, and push to start systems



Additional Features and Options 


 Basic Remote Start $199: 3x lock off factory key fob or a one button remote start unit with the installation of the power wires,  ignition / start activation, parking lights, and brake shutdown. Does not include Immobilzer bypass, factory security disarm, or keyless entry options


 Immobilizer bypass $ Call for Pricing: includes a universal bypass unit (key in the box) and installation of power / signal wires. The benefit to this is its the cheapest and easiest way to use a remote starter on a vehicle equipped with and immobilizer system. The downside, this universal bypass unit requires a physical key that is programmed to, and able to start the vehicle. So you loose a key and if you only have one, you'll will have to get one programmed prior to installation.


 Factory alarm disarm $ Call for Pricing: includes the intergration of a factory alarm system. If your vehicle is equipped with a factory alarm, this feature is a must. If you do not turn off the alarm prior to remote starting the vehicle, it will avtivate the alarm and start beeping the horn.


 Keyless entry intergration $ Call for Pricing: includes the intergration of the existing power door locks to be controled by the remote starter's keyless entry feature. This feature is completely optional and its sole purpose is convenience. There is a few reasons why you would want to add this option. You may have a factory remote for lock and unlock and would like to consolidate the keyless entry features with the remote start features into one remote. You may have a key with the lock and unlock built into the key head but its not fuctional while the car is running. You may not have a keyless entry remote at all and are tired of sticking the key in the door every cold morning. There are many solutions available for all types of keyless entry systems.  


 Data Bypass Unit $ Call for Pricing: includes the intergration of several fetures if you have a data contolled systems. Most newer cars are designed this way using computer modules making your typical anolog wires now data wire tranfering multiple cammands in a single wire from computer module to module. Our DATA UNIT has the ability to bypass mutiple functions like immobilizer, smart key, factory alarm, data ignition systems, and keyless entry. Best part of this unit is you don't loose a key to bypass the immobilizer like the universal immobilize bypass unit. All the key information can be programmed into the data bypass unit and sent to the vehicles computer durring the remote start command. It doesn't get anymore convenient than this. 


 Push to start intergration (PTS) $ Call for Pricing: includes two things in this package: a data bypass unit and push to start button (PTS) integration. Any car that is equipped with a push to start feature has to be treated differantly than a normal vehicle. You know its different the moment you go to start it. Where do you put the key? Wait, don't really have a "key". PTS vehicles use a smart key, a little remote you carry with you. As long as you have that remote fab on you when you push the start button, it starts. This is an obstical we can get around by integrating the push to start button and brake to a digital (data) bypass. Unfortunately this is the only way to sucessfully remote start these kinds of vehicle but these digital solutions are full proof. 


  Smart Start Intergration (smart phone app) $ Call for Pricing: includes the intergration of a 3G CDMA module to allow smartphone connectivity. Viper Smartstart connects you and your car like never before, providing and entirely new level of 2-way interaction with your vehicle. Connectivity is managed through our cloud services network linking car and app.


  Security Systems: When it comes to securing our vehicle, technololy has made easy to never miss a notification when our vehicle may have been tampered with. Our vehicle can sound and alarm if our door was tampered with and opened, if a window is broken, or if it was tilted in the air to steal the wheels. We can get more tech savy and track the vehicles every move via gps. The options are endless with add-on of a security system.


Osmi Car is here to answer all your questions and concerns with all Viper Products. Feel free to give us a call 267-495-8588





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